Using Vibrating Massager During Pregnancy

Mom Cozy Breast Pump Review

Mom Cozy Breast Pump, a hospital-grade electric pump, offers 9 levels of strong suction. It massages your breasts prior to pumping, which allows for optimal milk production in a shorter time. It is simple and easy to use. The screen on the pump displays information about the working mode, time and battery life. One minor drawback is the water stains on the pump, which might affect normal use.


The Mom Cozy Breast Pump, a hospital-grade electric breast pump made from BPA-free materials, is a double-electric breast pump. It has 9 levels of suction and massages your breasts before pumping. It can produce more milk in a shorter time and has a longer battery life. The pump comes with a display that shows the battery life, working mode, and time. It is easy to use, and separates the motor from the milk storage when you want to pour the liquid. This feature helps to prevent water stains and damage from occurring during normal usage.

Suction strength

The Mom Cozy Pump is a double electric hospital-grade breast pump with BPA-free materials and nine-levels of suction strength. It stimulates your breasts before you pump to increase milk production. You can easily read the working mode, battery status, time, and other details on the screen. The pump’s display screen is easy to read and designed for ease of use. The pump comes with a separate milk storage section from its motor. The product may be susceptible to water stains and should be cleaned regularly to prevent them from affecting normal usage.

The suction strength of an electric breast pump is usually between 200 and 300 mmHg. Many moms mistakenly believe that a higher suction strength equals more milk. In reality, too much suction can inhibit milk production by squeezing breast tissue together, cutting off milk flow to the ducts, and even hurting the nipples. It’s important to check the suction strength of your pump before purchasing.


The warranty period for a Mom cozy breast pump is seven days, or one year, depending on your purchase location. However, you should be aware of any potential problems that you may face while using the pump. If you experience a problem with the pump, contact the manufacturer to request a replacement or repair. Your Mom cozy breast pump warranty is valid for seven days. However, it is important to note that your warranty may be voided if you use a different brand.

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